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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Assessing the sewage discharge effects on soft-bottom macrofauna through traits-based approach 1-gen-2021 Vesal, S. E.; Nasi, F.; Pazzaglia, J.; Ferrante, L.; Auriemma, R.; Relitti, F.; Bazzaro, M.; Del Negro, P.
Assessing the spatial and temporal variability of MeHg biogeochemistry and bioaccumulation in the Mediterranean Sea with a coupled 3D model 1-gen-2022 Rosati, G.; Canu, D.; Lazzari, P.; Solidoro, C.
Assessing the spatial and temporal variability of methylmercury biogeochemistry and bioaccumulation in the Mediterranean Sea with a coupled 3D model 1-gen-2022 Rosati, G.; Canu, D.; Lazzari, P.; Solidoro, C.
Assessing the vibrational frequencies of the cathedral of Cologne (Germany) by means of ambient seismic noise analysis 1-gen-2006 Facke, A; Parolai, S; Richwalski, S; Stempniewski, L
Assessing the vibrational frequencies of the Holweide Hospital in the city of Cologne (Germany) by means of ambient seismic noise analysis and FE modelling 1-gen-2005 Parolai, S.; Facke, A.; Richwalski, S. M.; Stempniwski, L.
Assessing, quantifying and valuing the ecosystem services of coastal lagoons. 1-gen-2018 Newton, A.; Brito Ana, C.; Icely John, D; Derolez, V.; Clara, I.; Angus, S.; Schernewski, G.; Inacio, M.; Lillebø, A. I.; Sousa, A. I.; Bejaoui, B.; Solidoro, C.; Tosic, M.; Canedo-Arg, M.; Yamamuro, M.; Reizopoulou, S.; Tseng, H. S.; Canu, D; Roselli, L.; Maanan, M.; Cristina, S.; A. C., Ruiz-Fernandez; Lima, R.; Kjerfve, B.; Rubio-Cisneros, N.; Perez-Ruzafa, A.; Marcos, C.; Pastres, R.; Pranovi, F.; Snoussi, M.; Turpie, J.; Tuchkovenko, J.; Dyack, B.; Brookes, J.; Povilanskas, R.; Khokhlov, V
Assessment of Active Tectonics in the Messina Strait and surroundings: Preliminary Highlights from the Taormina-2006 Cruise 1-gen-2007 Argnani, A; Brancolini, G; Rovere, M; Accaino, F; Zgur, F; Bonazzi, C; Grossi, M; Fanzutti, F; Visnovic, P; Sorgo, D
Assessment of an ensemble of ocean–atmosphere coupled and uncoupled regional climate models to reproduce the climatology of Mediterranean cyclones 1-gen-2018 Flaounas, E.; Kelemen, F. D.; Wernli, H.; Gaertner, M. A.; Reale, M.; Sanchez-Gomez, E.; Lionello, P.; Calmanti, S.; Podrascanin, Z.; Somot, S.; Akhtar, N.; Romera, R.; Conte, D.
Assessment of Apex float tests in the Catalan Sea 1-gen-2004 P. -M., Poulain; Ursella, L; R., Barbanti
Assessment of biotechnological strategies for the valorization of metal bearing wastes 1-gen-2012 Beolchini, F.; Fonti, V.; Dell'Anno, A.; Rocchetti, L.; Veglio, F.
Assessment of cetacean–fishery interactions in the marine food web of the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian Sea, Central Mediterranean Sea) 1-gen-2020 Carlucci, R; Capezzuto, F; Cipriano, G; D'Onghia, G; Fanizza, C; Libralato, S; Miglietta, R; Tursi, A; Maiorano, P; Sion, L; Ricci, P
Assessment of deep electrical conductivity features of northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) 1-gen-2000 Armadillo, E.; Ferraccioli, F.; Bozzo, E.; Caneva, G.; Caneva, A.
The assessment of earthquake hazard in Italy: a review 1-gen-2022 Slejko, D.; Valensise, G.; Meletti, C.; Stucchi, M.
Assessment of environmental management effects in a shallow water basin using mass balance models 1-gen-2004 Brando, V. E.; Ceccarelli, R.; Libralato, S.; Ravagnan, G.
Assessment of gas hydrate and free gas distribution on the South Shetland margin (Antarctica) based on multichannel seismic reflection data 1-gen-2002 Lodolo, E; Camerlenghi, A; Madrussani, G; Tinivella, U; Rossi, G
Assessment of oil slick hazard and risk at vulnerable coastal sites 1-gen-2015 Melaku Canu, D.; Solidoro, C.; Bandelj, V.; Quattrocchi, G.; Sorgente, R.; Olita, A.; Fazioli, L.; Cucco, A.
Assessment of site effects in alpine regions through systematic site characterization of seismic stations 1-gen-2014 Michel, C; Edwards, B; Poggi, V; Burjánek, J; Roten, D; Cauzzi, C; Fäh, D.
Assessment of temperature and salinity data obtained from in-situ platforms in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (historical data from 1990 to 2012) 1-gen-2014 Notarstefano, Giulio
Assessment of the environmental distribution of the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni by next-generation sequencing, qPCR and histopathology allows the identification of alternative bivalve hosts 1-gen-2022 Rios-Castro, R.; Aranguren, R.; Romero, A.; Banchi, E.; Pallavicini, A.; Novoa, B.; Figueras, A.
Assessment of the mesoscale structures observed by gliders during the CINEL projec 1-gen-2018 Sitz, L. E.; Mauri, E.; Gerin, R.; Poulain, P. M.; Haye., D.
Mostrati risultati da 631 a 650 di 7.346
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