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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
e-Infrastructure for Remote Instrumentation 1-gen-2012 Cheptsov, A; Koller, B; Adami, D; Davoli, F; Mueller, S; Meyer, N; Lazzari, P; Salon, S; Watzl, J; Schiffers, M; Kranzlmueller, D
E-Research: a way of learning together? 1-gen-2016 Diviacco, P
E2M3A in the framework of EuroSITES project: Towards an European integrated network of deep ocean observatories 1-gen-2009 Cardin, V; Bensi, M; Brunetti, F
Early and middle Miocene ice sheet dynamics in the Ross Sea: Results from integrated core-log-seismic interpretation 1-gen-2021 Geletti, Riccardo
Early estimate of the strongest aftershock magnitude 1-gen-2008 Gentili, S
Early instrumental seismicity recorded in the eastern Alps 1-gen-2014 Sandron, D; Renner, G; Rebez, A; Slejko, D
Earth structure and instrumental seismicity of Madagascar: Implications on the seismotectonics 1-gen-2013 Rindraharisaona, E J; Guidarelli, M; Aoudia, A; Rambolamanana, G
The Earth, its phenomena and some related methods 1-gen-2012 Rossi, G; Slejko, D
Earthquake catalogs for intermediate-term predictions and seismic hazard analysis 1-gen-2007 Peresan, A.
Earthquake Damage Scenario in Visp (Switzerland): From Active Fault to Building Damage 1-gen-2012 Burjánek, J; Fäh, D; Michel, C; Dalguer, L; Baumann, C; Gassner-Stamm, G; Poggi, V; Roten, D; Laue, J; Marin, A; Lestuzzi, P; Karbassi, A.
Earthquake features through the seismic moment tensor. 1-gen-2016 Saraò, A; Cocina, O.; Moratto, L.; Scarfì, L.
Earthquake forecasting: a review of radon as seismic precursor 1-gen-2015 Riggio, A; Santulin, M
Earthquake Ground Motion in the Mygdonian Basin, Greece: The E2VP Verification and Validation of 3D Numerical Simulation up to 4 Hz 1-gen-2015 Maufroy, E; Chaljub, E; Hollender, F; Kristek, J; Moczo, P; Klin, P; Priolo, E; Iwaki, A; Iwata, T; Etienne, V; F De Martin, ; Theodoulidis, Np; Manakou, M; Guyonnet‐benaize, C; Pitilakis, K; P‐y, Bard
Earthquake Model Central Asia: seismic hazard and risk assessment in Central Asia PREFACE 1-gen-2015 Parolai, S; Zschau, J; Begaliev, U
The earthquake on January 11th, 1693 in South-Eastern Sicily: macroseismic analysis and strong motion modelling in Noto 1-gen-2003 Bottari, A; Saraò, A; Teramo, A; Termini, D; Careni, P
Earthquake prediction research and preparedness 1-gen-2006 Peresan, A.; Panza, G. F.; Kossobokov, V.; Gorshkov, A.
Earthquake preparedness: the contribution of earthquake prediction and deterministic hazard research. 1-gen-2003 Panza, G.; Peresan, A; Vaccari, F; Romashkova, L; Kossobokov, V; Gorshkov, A; Kuznetsov, I
Earthquake probabilities and probabilistic shaking in Italy in 50 years since 2003: trials and ideas for the 3rd generation of Italian seismic hazard maps 1-gen-2006 Peruzza, L
Earthquake Probabilities for Italy 1-gen-2010 Peruzza, L; Perkins, D
Mostrati risultati da 1.146 a 1.165 di 4.816
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