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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Estimates of carbon sequestration in the Adriatic Sea during cold and warm years 1-gen-2010 Querin, S; Cossarini, G; Solidoro, C
Estimates of stress directions by inversion of earthquake fault-plane solutions in Sicily 1-gen-1996 Caccamo, D.; Neri, G.; Saraò, A.; Wyss, M.
Estimating absolute site effects 1-gen-2004 Malagnini, L.; Mayeda, K.; Akinci, A.; Bragato, P. L.
Estimating an upper limit probability distribution for peak ground acceleration using the randomly clipped normal distribution 1-gen-2005 Bragato, P. L.
Estimating beta from seroprevalence data 1-gen-2017 Kirkpatrick, Lucy; Bloomfield, Laura; Desvars, Amélie; Savonitto, Gilda
Estimating building inventory for rapid seismic vulnerability assessment: Towards an integrated approach based on multi-source imaging 1-gen-2012 Wieland, M; Pittore, M; Parolai, S; Zschau, J; Moldobekov, B; Begaliev, U
Estimating Cross-Coupling in Site Response by Seismic Noise Interferometry: An Example from an Alpine Valley (Northeastern Italy) 1-gen-2023 Parolai, S.; Laurenzano, G.; Garbin, M.
Estimating Geophysical Bedrock Depth Using Single Station Analysis and Geophysical Data in the Extra-Carpathian Area of Romania 1-gen-2020 Manea, E. F.; Cioflan, C. O.; Coman, A.; Michel, C.; Poggi, V.; Fah, D.
Estimating magnitude and location from macroseismic data of the 1925 Colombian earthquake 1-gen-2022 Gomez-Capera, A. A.; Salcedo-Hurtado, E. J.; Santulin, M.; Rios, L. F.; Blandon, J. C.
Estimating mass-wasting processes in active earth slides – earth flows with time-series of High Resolution DEMs from photogrammetry and airborne LiDAR 1-gen-2009 Corsini, A.; Borgatti, L.; Cervi, F.; Dahne, A.; Ronchetti, F.; Sterzai, P.
Estimating Rayleigh wave particle motion from three-component array analysis of ambient vibrations 1-gen-2010 Poggi, V; Fäh, D
Estimating seismic attenuation (Q) in the presence of random noise 1-gen-2006 Picotti, S.; Carcione, J. M.
Estimating the biogenic silica concentration and its effects on slope stability in marine sediments using seismic and log data from the sediment drift 7-Antarctica 1-gen-2005 Neagu, Rc; Rebesco, M; Volpi, V; Tinivella, U; Camerlenghi, A
Estimating the value of carbon sequestration ecosystem services in the Mediterranean Sea: An ecological economics approach 1-gen-2015 Melaku Canu, D.; Ghermandi, A.; Nunes, P. A. L. D.; Lazzari, P.; Cossarini, G.; Solidoro, C.
Estimation of microfracture porosity in deep carbonate reservoirs based on 3D rock-physics templates 1-gen-2020 Pang, M.; Ba, J.; Fu, L. -Y.; Carcione, J. M.; Markus, U. I.; Zhang, L.
Estimation and distribution of gas hydrate and free gas from Log and seismic data 1-gen-2000 Tinivella, U; Accaino, F; Camerlenghi, A
Estimation and modeling of strong motion for scaled and extended sources 1-gen-2000 Saraò, A
Estimation of Anisotropy Parameters in VTI Media using the Ray-Based Tomography. 1-gen-2018 Bohm, G
Estimation of biogenic silica contents in marine sediments using seismic and well log data: Sediment Drift 7, Antarctica 1-gen-2008 Neagu, R. C.; Tinivella, U; Volpi, V; Rebesco, M; Camerlenghi, A
Estimation of gas hydrate and free gas by seismic data analysis. South Shetland Margin case study 1-gen-2008 Tinivella, U; Accaino, F; Loreto, M. F.
Mostrati risultati da 2.130 a 2.149 di 7.346
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