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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Time-lapse Q-factor tomography by reflected waves’ inversion 1-gen-2020 Vesnaver, A; Bohm, G; Cance, P; Carcione, J; Gei, D; Ba, J
Time-lapse surface-to-surface GPR measurements to monitor a controlled infiltration experiment 1-gen-2009 G., Cassiani; Giustiniani, M; S., Ferraris; R. DEIANA AND C., Strobbia
Time-lapse tomography 1-gen-2003 Vesnaver, A; Accaino, F; Bohm, G; Madrussani, G; Pajchel, J; Rossi, G; Dal Moro, G
Timing, frequency and nature of sedimentary processes operating on the eastern Ross Sea continental slope during the Pleistocene- a record from IODP Expedition 374 1-gen-2021 King, Maxine; Gales, Jenny; Sverre Laberg, Jan; Mckay, Robert; De Santis, Laura; Kulhanek, Denise; Hosegood, Phillip; Morris, Antony; Rebesco, Michele; Expedition 374 Scientists, Iodp
Tintinnid Ciliate Communities in Pre- and Post-Winter Conditions in the Southern Adriatic Sea (NE Mediterranean) 1-gen-2019 Njire, J; Batistic, M; Kovacevic, V; Garic, R; Bensi, M
Tintinnid distribution in the Strait of Magellan (Chile). 1-gen-2011 Fonda Umani, S; Monti, M; Cataletto, B; Budillon, G
Tintinnids in Terranova Bay - Ross Sea during two austral summers (1987/88 and 1989/90) 1-gen-1995 Monti, M; Fonda Umani, S
Titolo della relazione: Taratura di un accelerometro Columbia FBA e di un sismometro Lunitek LT-3D-1 per Lunitek s.r.l. 1-gen-2017 Zuliani, David
TOMO-ETNA marine geophysical data highlight the crustal structure offshore Etna volcano 1-gen-2016 Coltelli, M; Firetto Carlino, M; Cocchi, L; Cavallaro, D; Zgur, F; Patanè, D
Tomographic analysis and geological context of a Bottom Simulating Reflector in the South Shetland margin (Antarctic Peninsula) 1-gen-1995 Bohm, G.; Camerlenghi, A; Lodolo, E.; Vesnaver, A.
Tomographic and AVO analyses of Bottom Simulating Reflector (BSR) on real data 1-gen-1997 Grion, S; Bohm, G; Rossi, G; Tinivella, U
Tomographic and AVO analyses of Bottom Simulating Reflectors (BSR) on real data 1-gen-1997 Grion, S.; Bohm, G.; Rossi, G.; Tinivella, U.; Mazzotti, A.
Tomographic depth seismic velocity model below the plain of Norcia (Italy) for site effect studies. 1-gen-2011 Bohm, G; Luzi, L; Galadini, F
Tomographic detection of cavities in mines for acid drainage control. 1-gen-1999 Madrussani, G; Bohm, G; Vesnaver, A; Schena, G
Tomographic imaging by reflected and refracted arrivals at the North-Sea 1-gen-1999 Vesnaver, A; Bohm, G; Madrussani, G; Petersen, S; Rossi, G
Tomographic imaging of opaque and low colntrast objects in range-dependent waveguides. 1-gen-1992 Carrion, P; Bohm, G
Tomographic inversion and pre-stack depth migration of seismic profile KK-02 across the Krsko plain. 1-gen-2014 Accaino, F; Cernobori, L.; Nicolich, R.; Rossi, G.; Zgur, F.
Tomographic inversion of common image gathers 1-gen-2005 Accaino, F; Bohm, G; Tinivella, U
Tomographic Inversion of OBS Data Offshore Svalbard Islands 1-gen-2004 Rossi, G; Madrussani, G; Bohm, G; Camerlenghi, A
Tomographic inversion of ocean bottom seismograph (OBS) data: Problems and solutions applied to the NW Svalbard Hydratech data set 1-gen-2011 Rossi, G; Bohm, G; Madrussani, G
Mostrati risultati da 6.336 a 6.355 di 6.772
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