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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The 23 October Ms 5.4 Oslofjord Earthquake: Reanalysis Based on Macroseismic and Instrumental Data 1-gen-2009 Bungum, H; Pettenati, F; Schweitzer, J; Sirovich, L AND FALEIDE J I
The 26 May 2006 magnitude 6.4 Yogyakarta earthquake south of Mt. Merapi volcano: Did lahar deposits amplify ground shaking and thus lead to the disaster? 1-gen-2008 Walter, Tr; Wang, R; Luehr, Bg; Wassermann, J; Behr, Y; Parolai, S; Anggraini, A; Gunther, E; Sobiesiak, M; Grosser, H; Wetzel, Hu; Milkereit, C; Brotopuspito, Pjks; Harjadi, P; Zschau, J
The 9 October 1963 Vajont Catastrophe from the Point of View of the WWSSN-LP Recordings of the TRI-117 Station, Trieste, Italy 1-gen-2021 Parolai, S.; Sandron, D.; Rebez, A.
The Adria catalogue: a unified catalogue of earthquakes for the Adriatic region and its surroundings 1-gen-2006 Rosso, M; Peresan, A.; Romashkova, L. L.; Panza, G. F.; Herak, M.
The AlpArray SWATH-D experiment installations in NE Italy 1-gen-2017 Pesaresi, D; Heit, B; Durì, G; Haberland, C; Tilmann, F; Parolai, S; Weber, M
The alternation of different morphotypes in the seasonal cycle of the toxic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia galaxiae 1-gen-2005 Cerino, F; Orsini, L; Sarno, D; Dell'Aversano, C; Tartaglione, L; Zingone, A
The Antarctic seismographic Argentinean-Italian Network: Technical development and scientific research from 1992 to 2009 1-gen-2010 Russi, M.; Febrer, J. M.; Linares, M. P. P.
The architectural style of shelf to shoreface cycles in a Pleistocene marine terrace (Crotone, southern Italy): a sedimentary response to late Quaternary, high-frequency glacio-eustatic changes 1-gen-2009 Zecchin, M; Civile, D; Caffau, M; Roda, C
The Atakoy vertical array (Turkey): insights into seismic wave propagation in the shallow-most crustal layers by waveform deconvolution 1-gen-2009 Parolai, S.; Ansal, A.; Kurtulus, A.; Strollo, A.; Wang, R.; Zschau, J.
The Bishkek vertical array (BIVA): acquiring strong motion data in Kyrgyzstan and first results 1-gen-2013 Parolai, S; Bindi, D; Ullah, S; Orunbaev, S; Usupaev, S; Moldobekov, B; Echtler, H
The buried shape of an alpine valley from gravity surveys, seismic and ambient noise analysis 1-gen-2010 Barnaba, C.; Marello, L.; Vuan, A.; Palmieri, F.; Romanelli, M.; Priolo, E.; Braitenberg, C.
The CAMI project: non-conventional seismic analysis to characterize the shallow aquifer 1-gen-2006 Tinivella, U.; Accaino, F; Giustiniani, M.; Picotti, S.
The carbonate mass-transport deposits of the Paleocene Julian Basin (Eastern Friuli, Italy) 1-gen-2012 Ogata, K.; Tunis, G.; Pini, G. A.; Rebesco, M.; Camerlenghi, A.
The Central and East European Earthquake Research Network (CE3RN): current status and future perspectives 1-gen-2016 Lenhardt, W; Pesaresi, D; Živčić, M; Costa, G; Kuk, K; Bondár, I; Duni, L; Spacek, P; Dimitrova, L; Popa, M
The central Fuegian fold and thrust belt in Tierra del Fuego: Strike-slip tectonics superimposed onto compressional deformation 1-gen-2020 Lozano, J. G.; Bran, D. M.; Peroni, J. I.; Lodolo, E.; Menichetti, M.; Cerredo, M. E.; Tassone, A.
The Central Italy 2016–2017 seismic sequence: site response analysis based on seismological data in the Arquata del Tronto–Montegallo municipalities 1-gen-2019 Laurenzano, G.; Barnaba, C.; Romano, M. A.; Priolo, E.; Bertoni, M.; Bragato, P. L.; Comelli, P.; Dreossi, I.; Garbin, M.
The Cerro Guanaco mass movements: A geophysical and morphometric approach on a megalandslide in the Fuegian Andes (Southern Patagonia) 1-gen-2020 Bran, D. M.; Lozano, J. G.; Winocur, D.; Menichetti, M.; Onnis, L.; Lodolo, E.; Tassone, A.
The challenge of the new millennium 1-gen-2010 Camerlenghi, A.; Cavazza, W.; Cioni, R.; Conticelli, S.; Crosta, G. B.; Erba, E.; Faccenna, C.; Mazzoli, S.; Pantosti, D.
The circulation in the Levantine Basin as inferred from in-situ data and numerical modelling (1995-2013) 1-gen-2014 Zodiatis, G; Radhakrishnan, H; Lardner, R; Hayes, D; Gertman, I; Menna, M; Poulain, Pm
The comparison of the NDSHA, PSHA seismic hazard maps and real seismicity for the Italian territory 1-gen-2014 Nekrasova, A.; Kossobokov, V.; Peresan, A.; Magrin, A.
Mostrati risultati da 6.751 a 6.770 di 7.387
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