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A review of multiple natural hazards and risks in Germany 1-gen-2014 Kreibich, H; Bubeck, P; Kunz, M; Mahlke, H; Parolai, S; Khazai, B; Daniell, J; Lakes, T; Schroter, K
Assessing the vibrational frequencies of the cathedral of Cologne (Germany) by means of ambient seismic noise analysis 1-gen-2006 Facke, A; Parolai, S; Richwalski, S; Stempniewski, L
Assessing the vibrational frequencies of the Holweide Hospital in the city of Cologne (Germany) by means of ambient seismic noise analysis and FE modelling 1-gen-2005 Parolai, S; Facke, A; Richwalski, Sm; Stempniewski, L
Influence of site and source dependent ground motion scenarios on the seismic safety of long-span bridges in Cologne, Germany 1-gen-2006 Richwalski, Sm; Facke, A; Parolai, S; Stempniewski, L
Integration and magnitude homogenization of the Egyptian earthquake catalogue 1-gen-2008 HUSSEIN H., M; ABOU ELENEAN K., M; MARZOUK I., A; Peresan, A; KORRAT I., M; ABU EL-NADER, E; Panza, G.; EL-GABRY M., N
Real time monitoring of structures in task force missions: the example of the Mw=6.3 Central Italy Earthquake, April 6, 2009 1-gen-2010 Picozzi, M; Ditommaso, R; Parolai, S; Mucciarelli, M; Milkereit, C; Sobiesiak, M; Di Giacomo, D; Gallipoli, Mr; Pilz, M; Vona, M; Zschau, J
Remote sensing's contribution to earthquake risk assessment and mitigation 1-gen-2013 Parolai, S
Seismic Hazard Mapping for Administrative Purposes 1-gen-2001 Peruzza, L; Rebez, A; Slejko, D
Site effects study in the Serravalle village (NE Italy) by means of spectral ratios analyses relatively to multiple reference sites 1-gen-2006 A., Restivo; Barnaba, C; A., Michelini
Some Aspects of Seismic Hazard Assessment when Comparing Different Approaches 1-gen-1993 Peruzza, L
Test of Source-Parameter Inversion of Intensity Data 1-gen-2001 Sirovich, L; Pettenati, F; Chiaruttini, C
Testing a New Hybrid Approach to Seismic Hazard Assessment: an Application to the Calabrian Arc (Southern Italy) 1-gen-1997 Peruzza, L.; Pantosti, D; Slejko, D.; Peruzza, L
The comparison of the NDSHA, PSHA seismic hazard maps and real seismicity for the Italian territory 1-gen-2014 Nekrasova, A; Kossobokov, V; Peresan, A; Magrin, A
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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