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B-value computation for the seahellarc earthquake catalogue 1-gen-2009 Slejko, Dario; Garcia, Julio; Santulin, Marco
A Bacillus sp. isolated from sediments of the Sarno River mouth, Gulf of Naples (Italy) produces a biofilm biosorbing Pb(II) 1-gen-2016 Pepi, M.; Borra, M.; Tamburrino, S.; Saggiomo, M.; Viola, A.; Biffali, E.; Balestra, C.; Sprovieri, M.; Casotti, R.
Back to the future: Using long-term observational and paleo-proxy reconstructions to improve model projections of antarctic climate 1-gen-2019 Bracegirdle, T. J.; Colleoni, F.; Abram, N. J.; Bertler, N. A. N.; Dixon, D. A.; England, M.; Favier, V.; Fogwill, C. J.; Fyfe, J. C.; Goodwin, I.; Goosse, H.; Hobbs, W.; Jones, J. M.; Keller, E. D.; Khan, A. L.; Phipps, S. J.; Raphael, M. N.; Russell, J.; Sime, L.; Thomas, E. R.; van den Broeke, M. R.; Wainer, I.
Background seismicity in the Central Apennines of Italy: The Abruzzo region case study 1-gen-2007 Bagh, S.; Chiaraluce, L.; De Gori, P.; Moretti, M.; Govoni, A.; Chiarabba, C.; Di Bartolomeo, P.; Romanelli, M.
Background to CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica 1-gen-1998 Robert, C.; Anderson, J.; Armienti, P.; Atkins, C.; Barrett, P.; Bohaty, S.; Bryce, S.; Claps, M.; Curran, M.; Davey, F. J.; De Santis, L.; Ehrmann, W.; Florindo, F.; Fielding, C.; Hambrey, M.; Hannah, M.; Harwood, D. M.; Henrys, S.; Hoelscher, F.; Howe, J. A.; Jarrard, R.; Kettler, R.; Kooyman, S.; Kopsch, C.; Krissek, L.; Lavelle, M.; Levac, E.; Niessen, F.; Passchier, S.; Paulsen, T.; Powell, R.; Pyne, A.; Rafat, G.; Raine, I. J.; Roberts, A. P.; Sagnotti, L.; Sandroni, S.; Scholz, E.; Simes, J.; Smellie, J.; Strong, P.; Tabecki, M.; Talarico, F. M.; Taviani, M.; Verosub, K. L.; Villa, G.; Webb, P. N.; Wilson, G. S.; Wilson, T.; Wise, S. W.; Wonik, T.; Woolfe, K.; Wrenn, J. H.
Backus and Wyllie Averages for Seismic Attenuation 1-gen-2018 Qadrouh, A. N.; Carcione, J. M.; Ba, J.; Gei, D.; Salim, A. M.
Bacterial aerobic methane cycling by the marine sponge-associated microbiome 1-gen-2023 Ramirez, G. A.; Bar-Shalom, R.; Furlan, A.; Romeo, R.; Gavagnin, M.; Calabrese, G.; Garber, A. I.; Steindler, L.
Bacterial Control of Marine Humic-Like Substance Production, Composition, Size, and Transfer to Sea Spray Aerosols During Phytoplankton Blooms 1-gen-2023 Santander, M. V.; Malfatti, F.; Pendergraft, M. A.; Morris, C.; Kimble, K.; Mitts, B. A.; Wang, X.; Mayer, K. J.; Sauer, J.; Lee, C.; Prather, K. A.
Bacterial diversity and microbial functional responses to organic matter composition and persistent organic pollutants in deltaic lagoon sediments 1-gen-2020 Zoppini, A.; Bongiorni, L.; Ademollo, N.; Patrolecco, L.; Cibic, T.; Franzo, A.; Melita, M.; Bazzaro, M.; Amalfitano, S.
The Baiyun Slide Complex, South China Sea: A modern example of slope instability controlling submarine-channel incision on continental slopes 1-gen-2020 Li, W.; Alves, T. M.; Rebesco, M.; Sun, J.; Li, J.; Li, S.; Wu, S.
Balancing Formalization and Representation in Cross- Domain Data Management for Sustainable Development 1-gen-2016 Diviacco, P; Leadbetter, A
Balancing the Modular Ocean Model for Mediterranean Ecosystem 1-gen-2004 Pacciaroni, M.; Crispi, G.
Ballasting of the Slocum gliders 402 and 403 for the north Adriatic sea experiment (Kvarner area ) planned for February 2015 with the adoption of a new worksheet for the change of the glider weight 1-gen-2015 Gerin, Riccardo; Zuppelli, Piero
Ballistic hazard assessment: so far, so good? 1-gen-2017 Biass, S.; Bonadonna, C.; Falcone, J. L.; Di Traglia, F.; Pistolesi, Marco; Rosi, M.; Lestuzzi, P.; Isgett, S.; Houghton, B. F.; Fagents, S.
Bannock Basin, Sirte Abyssal Plain and Conrad Spur: structural relationships between Mediterranean Ridge and its western foreland and implications on the character of the accretionary complex (eastern Mediterranean) 1-gen-2009 Hieke, W.; Camerlenghi, A.; Cita, M. B.; Dehghani, G. A.; Fusi, N.; Hirschleber, H. B.; Mirabile, L.; Muller, C.; Polonia, A.
Basal and frontal accretion processes vs. BSR characteristics along the Chilean margin. 1-gen-2011 Cordero Vargas, I.; Tinivella, U; Accaino, F.; Fannucci, F.; Loreto, Mf.; Lascano, M. E.; Reichert, Cr.
Basal roughness of the Institute and Möller Ice Streams, West Antarctica: Process determination and landscape interpretation 1-gen-2014 Rippin, D. M.; Bingham, R. G.; Jordan, T. A.; Wright, A. P.; Ross, N.; Corr, H. F. J.; Ferraccioli, F.; Le Brocq, A. M.; Rose, K. C.; Siegert, M. J.
Basal Settings Control Fast Ice Flow in the Recovery/Slessor/Bailey Region, East Antarctica 1-gen-2018 Diez, A.; Matsuoka, K.; Ferraccioli, F.; Jordan, T. A.; Corr, H. F.; Kohler, J.; Olesen, A. V.; Forsberg, R.
Basaltic scoria textures from a zoned conduit as precursors to violent Strombolian activity 1-gen-2010 Cimarelli, C.; Di Traglia, F.; Taddeucci, J.
Basaltic scoria textures from a zoned conduit as precursors to violent Strombolian activity 1-gen-2009 DI TRAGLIA, F; C., Cimarelli; J., Taddeucci
Mostrati risultati da 741 a 760 di 7.852
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