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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
O.G.S. Explora - OCEANIX SACOI Cable Survey 1-gen-2013 Cova, A
O.G.S. EXPLORA – SURVEY REPORT 20/02/2018 – 26/02/2018 EARTH CRUISERS EARTH’s CRUst Imagery for investigating SEismicity, volcanism and marine natural Resources in the Sicilian offshore. 1-gen-2018 Cova, A; Sergio, Stefanni
OASIS: The OGS Archive System of Instrumental Seismology 1-gen-2015 Priolo, E.; Laurenzano, G.; Barnaba, C.; Bernardi, P.; Moratto, L.; Spinelli, A.
OBC versus conventional seismic data in 3D adaptive tomography 1-gen-2000 Bohm, Gualtiero
Objective climatology of cyclones in the Mediterranean region: a consensus view among methods with different system identification and tracking criteria 1-gen-2016 Lionello, P.; Trigo, I. F.; Gil, V.; Liberato, M. L. R.; Nissen, K. M.; Pinto, J. G.; Raible, C. C.; Reale, M.; Tanzarella, A.; Trigo, R. M.; Ulbrich, S.; Ulbrich, U.
Objective treatment and synthesis of macroseismic intensity data sets using tessellation 1-gen-1999 Pettenati, F.; Sirovich, L.; Cavallini, F.
OBS data analysis to characterize gas hydrate reservoir in South Shetland margin (Antarctic Peninsula) 1-gen-2018 Sha, Song; Tinivella, Umberta; Giustiniani, M; Giorgio, Cassiani; Stefan, Bünz; Sunny, Singhroha
OBS Data Analysis to Quantify Gas Hydrate and Free Gas in the South Shetland Margin (Antarctica) 1-gen-2018 Song, S.; Tinivella, U.; Giustiniani, M.; Singhroha, S.; Bunz, S.; Cassiani, G.
Observability of the target indicators and parameter sensitivity in the 1D CMEMS sites. Deliverable report (D3.2) of project H2020 SEAMLESS 1-gen-2022 Ciavatta, Stefano; Lazzari, Paolo; Alvarez Suarez, Eva; Bruggeman, Jorn; Capet, Arthur; Cossarini, Gianpiero; Daryabor, F.; Nerger, Lars; Skakala, Jozef; Teruzzi, Anna; Wakamatsu, T.; Yumruktepe, C.
Observation of the Main Natural Parameters Influencing the Formation of Gas Hydrates. 1-gen-2021 Gambelli, A. M.; Tinivella, U.; Giovannetti, R.; Castellani, B.; Giustiniani, M.; Rossi, A.; Zannotti, M.; Rossi, F.
Observation, Preconditioning and Recurrence of Exceptionally High Salinities in the Adriatic Sea 1-gen-2021 Mihanovic, H.; Vilibic, I.; Sepic, J.; Matic, F.; Ljubesic, Z.; Mauri, E.; Gerin, R.; Notarstefano, G.; Poulain, P. -M.
Observational datasets for validation of Mediterranean Biogeochemical Copernicus Modelling System, period 2018-2020 1-gen-2023 Bolzon, Giorgio; Cossarini, Gianpiero; Teruzzi, Anna; Feudale, Laura; Salon, Stefano
Observations of currents and temperature-salinity-pigment fields in the northern Adriatic Sea in winter 2003 1-gen-2011 Poulain, P. M.; Lee, C.; Mauri, E.; Notarstefano, G.; Ursella, L.
Observations on the connection between glacial phases, natural catastrophes and economic trends of the last millennium in Italy 1-gen-2019 Bragato, P. L.; Holzhauser, H.
Observations on the diet of adult Oblada melanura (Sparidae) in the Strait of Sicily (central Mediterranean) 1-gen-2018 Castriota, L.; Esposito, V.; Falautano, M.; Battaglia, P.; Andaloro, F.
Observations on the gut contents of Engraulis encrasicolus and Sardina pilchardus caught by lampara in the Gulf of Trieste 1-gen-2006 Tirelli, V; Borme, D; Zollet, T; Costantini, M; DE OLAZABAL, A; Cigar, M; FONDA UMANI, S
Observing the full ocean volume using Deep Argo floats 1-gen-2023 Dall'Olmo, Giorgio; Zilberman, N. V.; Thierry, V.; King, B.; Alford, M.; André, X.; Balem, K.; Briggs, N.; Chen, Z.; Cabanes, C.; Coppola, L.; Desbruyères, D.; Fernandez, D.; Foppert, A.; Gardner, W.; Gasparin, F.; Hally, B.; Hosoda, S.; Johnson, G. C.; Kobayashi, T.; Le Boyer, A.; Llovel, W.; Oke, P.; Purkey, S.; Remy, E.; Roemmich, D.; Scanderbeg, M.; Sutton, P.; Walicka, K.; Wallace, L.; van Wijk, E. M.
Occurence of Ceratoperidinium cf. yeye Margalef and Cetrodinium sp. Kofoid in the Gulf of Trieste. 1-gen-2005 Virgilio, D; Minocci, M; Milani, L; Cabrini, M
Occurrence and abundance of Florisphaera profunda: could the sample preparation techniques affect the results? 1-gen-2013 Lupi, C; Cobianchi, M; Bordiga, M; Beaufort, L
Occurrence and abundance of Florisphaera profunda: could the sample preparation techniques affect the results? 1-gen-2013 Lupi, Claudia; Cobianchi, Miriam; Bordiga, Manuela; Beaufort, L.
Mostrati risultati da 4.443 a 4.462 di 7.669
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