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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
GLIDER TRANSECTS IN THE LEVANTINE SEA: A STUDY OF THE WARM CORE CYPRUS EDDY 1-gen-2010 Hayes, D.; Testor, P.; Zodiatis, G.; Konnaris, G.; Hannides, A.; Mortier, L.; Beguery, L.; D'Ortenzio, F.; Mauri, E; Lekien, F.; Gerin, R.; Poulain, P.; Lazar, A.
A Global Climatology of Explosive Cyclones using a Multi-Tracking Approach 1-gen-2019 Reale, M.; Liberato, M. L. R.; Lionello, P.; Pinto, J. G.; Salon, S.; Ulbrich, S.
Global Patterns in Ecological Indicators of Marine Food Webs: A Modelling Approach 1-gen-2014 Heymans, Jj; Coll, M; Libralato, S; Morissette, L; Christensen, V
Global Positioning System constraints on plate kinematics in the Southern Alps at the Nubia-Eurasia boundary 1-gen-2010 Bechtold, M; Zuliani, D; Fabris, P; Tanner, D; Battaglia, . M.
Global sensitivity analysis of a shallow-water 3D eutrophication model 1-gen-1999 Pastres, R.; Chan, K.; Solidoro, C.; Dejak, C.
Global sensitivity analysis of a trophodynamic model of the Gulf of Trieste 1-gen-2008 Cossarini, G.; Solidoro, C.
Global thresholds in properties emerging from cumulative curves of marine ecosystems 1-gen-2019 Libralato, S.; Pranovi, F.; Zucchetta, M.; Anelli Monti, M.; Link, J. S.
Global, regional and local scale factors determining glaciation extent in Eastern Siberia over the last 140,000 years 1-gen-2011 Krinner, G; Diekmann, B; Colleoni, F; Stauch, G
GNSS single-frequency devices at OGS: LZER0 a cost-effective prototype 1-gen-2017 Zuliani, David; Bertoni, Michele; Ponton, Cristian; Fabris, Paolo; Severin, Marco; Ferin, Gabriele; Rossi, Giuliana
GNSS time series and velocities about a slow convergent margin processed on HPC clusters: products and robustness evaluation 1-gen-2023 Tunini, Lavinia; Magrin, Andrea; Rossi, Giuliana; Zuliani, David
Gonyaulax fragilis (Schutt) Kofoid: a dinoflagellate from gelatinous aggregates of the Northern Adriatic Sea. 1-gen-1992 Honsell, G; Cabrini, M; Darin, M
Good practices for common sole assessment in the Adriatic Sea: Genetic and morphological differentiation of Solea solea (Linnaeus, 1758) from S. aegyptiaca (Chabanaud, 1927) and stock identification 1-gen-2018 Sabatini, L.; Bullo, M.; Cariani, A.; Celic, I.; Ferrari, A.; Guarniero, I.; Leoni, S.; Marceta, B.; Marcone, A.; Polidori, P.; Raicevich, S.; Tinti, F.; Vrgoc, N.; Scarcella, G.
GPR and high resolution seismic integrated methods to understand the liquefaction phenomena in the Mirabello Village (earthquake ML 5.9, 2012) 1-gen-2016 Baradello, L.; Accaino, F.
GPR and seismic surveying in the world war I scenario of Punta Linke (Forni Glacier, Northern Italy) 1-gen-2015 Francese, R; Bondesa, A; Baroni, C; Salvatore, M C; Giorgi, M; Landi, S; Bassi, C; Cappellozza, N; Mottes, E; Nicolis, F; Vincenzi, M
The Graham and Terrible volcanic province (NW Sicilian Channel): gravimetric constraints for the magmatic manifestations 1-gen-2019 Lodolo, E.; Zampa, L.; Civile, D.
Grain size analysis of samples from CRP-1 1-gen-1998 DE SANTIS, L; Barrett, P
Grain size composition of surface sediments during cruise ECO2-9 1-gen-2015 De Vittor, Cinzia; Comici, Cinzia
Grain-size analysis and distribution in Cascadia Margin sediments, northern Pacific 1-gen-1995 Camerlenghi, A; Lucchi, R; Rothwell, R. G.
Graphene-based materials do not impair physiology, gene expression and growth dynamics of the aeroterrestrial microalga Trebouxia gelatinosa 1-gen-2019 Banchi, E.; Candotto Carniel, F.; Montagner, A.; Bosi, S.; Bramini, M.; Crosera, M.; Leon, V.; Martin, C.; Pallavicini, A.; Vazquez, E.; Prato, M.; Tretiach, M.
Gravity and ice thickness surveys in Victoria Land, Antarctica, during the ACRUP Experiment. 1-gen-1997 Reitmayr, G; Damm, V.; Bozzo, E; Caneva, G; DELLA VEDOVA, B; Ferraccioli, F
Mostrati risultati da 2.710 a 2.729 di 7.386
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