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EU - Europa 557
NA - Nord America 246
AS - Asia 109
AF - Africa 31
OC - Oceania 15
SA - Sud America 6
Totale 964
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IT - Italia 367
US - Stati Uniti d'America 236
DE - Germania 25
ES - Italia 25
GB - Regno Unito 23
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IE - Irlanda 19
SG - Singapore 19
AU - Australia 15
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IN - India 12
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 11
FR - Francia 11
NO - Norvegia 11
IR - Iran 10
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SN - Senegal 9
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GR - Grecia 8
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Trieste 61
Ashburn 52
Gorizia 36
Venice 28
Council Bluffs 24
Padova 24
Milan 18
Verona 12
Boston 11
Fleming Island 11
Barcelona 9
Dakar 9
Phnom Penh 9
Rome 9
Turin 9
Schwäbisch Hall 8
Adelaide 7
Boardman 7
Cork 7
Dublin 7
Los Angeles 7
Treviso 7
Bologna 6
Central 6
Genoa 6
Shifnal 6
Bengaluru 5
Brooklyn 5
Canelli 5
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Singapore 5
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Faro 4
Florence 4
Harare 4
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Neah Bay 4
New Haven 4
Paternò 4
The Dalles 4
Vicenza 4
Bangor 3
Charlottesville 3
Greenville 3
Harbin 3
Ljubljana 3
Maputo 3
Mytilene 3
Nakhon Ratchasima 3
Nunspeet 3
Paris 3
Redmond 3
San Giorgio a Cremano 3
San Javier 3
Toronto 3
Wieselburg 3
Zaragoza 3
Alloa 2
Athens 2
Bagua 2
Bangkok 2
Basovizza 2
Bergen 2
Breda di Piave 2
Cadeo 2
Camponogara 2
Caronno Pertusella 2
Cartagena 2
Castellana Grotte 2
Catania 2
Clermont-Ferrand 2
Delhi 2
Feilitzsch 2
Groeningen 2
Gruaro 2
Gunzenhausen 2
Kyrenia 2
La Nora 2
Lausanne 2
Lima 2
Limbiate 2
Limerick 2
Lipa City 2
Marrakesh 2
Mazamet 2
Mira 2
Montreal 2
Occhiobello 2
Pasian di Prato 2
Pisa 2
Quezon City 2
Roquevaire 2
Rovigo 2
Scandolara Ravara 2
Shibuya 2
Stirling 2
Sydney 2
Totale 602
Nome #
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The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service Ocean State Report, file de024c95-426d-4ad9-e053-3a05fe0aa3e3 1
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