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Continente #
NA - Nord America 2.736
EU - Europa 1.319
AS - Asia 811
AF - Africa 216
OC - Oceania 6
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 5.089
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.729
IT - Italia 892
HK - Hong Kong 593
SN - Senegal 207
SG - Singapore 172
DE - Germania 169
FI - Finlandia 161
FR - Francia 24
GB - Regno Unito 23
PH - Filippine 14
IN - India 12
ES - Italia 10
HR - Croazia 10
HU - Ungheria 8
ID - Indonesia 8
GR - Grecia 7
BD - Bangladesh 6
SI - Slovenia 6
CA - Canada 4
AU - Australia 3
IR - Iran 3
MC - Monaco 3
MX - Messico 3
TR - Turchia 3
ZA - Sudafrica 3
AL - Albania 2
CK - Cook, isole 2
MW - Malawi 2
NL - Olanda 2
TZ - Tanzania 2
BI - Burundi 1
CL - Cile 1
MT - Malta 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
TN - Tunisia 1
Totale 5.089
Città #
Chandler 1.146
Hong Kong 532
Trieste 256
Gorizia 222
Dakar 207
Ashburn 168
Helsinki 158
Acate 134
Boardman 86
Hanover 46
Milan 19
Rome 17
Paternò 12
Washington 11
Bari 10
Gunzenhausen 10
Florence 9
Turin 8
Venice 8
Arbus 7
Budapest 7
Chicago 6
Manchester 6
Pasian di Prato 6
Rennes 6
Seattle 6
Zagreb 6
Bologna 5
Caloocan City 5
Padova 5
Paris 5
Udine 5
Afragola 4
Athens 4
Bonndorf 4
Central 4
Civitavecchia 4
Forlì 4
Munoz 4
Oldham 4
Surabaya 4
Susegana 4
Treviso 4
Barcelona 3
Berlin 3
Bremen 3
Cava de' Tirreni 3
Cebazat 3
Cosenza 3
Lappeenranta 3
Liverpool 3
Madrid 3
Monaco 3
Naples 3
Roselle 3
San Giovanni in Marignano 3
Alhaurin de la Torre 2
Ankara 2
Aquileia 2
Barnard Castle 2
Bengaluru 2
Caen 2
Chennai 2
Clermont-Ferrand 2
Dar es Salaam 2
Ensenada 2
Gelsenkirchen 2
Houston 2
Hove 2
Indore 2
Jakarta 2
Landivisiau 2
Lestizza 2
Lissone 2
Lüneburg 2
Medan 2
Melbourne 2
Menges 2
Mohali 2
Mumbai 2
Mānikganj 2
Palermo 2
Pesaro 2
Pisa 2
Pordenone 2
Qazvin 2
Rajshahi 2
Ramonville-Saint-Agne 2
Rimini 2
Rustenburg 2
Tirana 2
Tolmin 2
Villanuova sul Clisi 2
Wilmington 2
Abbiategrasso 1
Amsterdam 1
Anchorage 1
Auckland 1
Auzeville-Tolosane 1
Basovizza 1
Totale 3.299
Nome #
Current state, scales of variability, and trends of biogeochemical properties in the northern Adriatic Sea 79
A finite element model for the Venice Lagoon. Development, set up, calibration and validation 56
Acidification, deoxygenation, and nutrient and biomass declines in a warming Mediterranean Sea 54
Sustainability implications of honouring the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries 51
Seasonal and spatial variability of water quality parameters in the lagoon of Venice 49
Food-web traits of protected and exploited areas of the Adriatic Sea 43
Winter nutrient content as a basic proxy of ocean fertility. Copernicus Ocean State Report, issue 6 41
Parameter estimation and the problem of identifiability 41
15 - Modeling the Mercury Cycle in the Marano-Grado Lagoon (Italy) 37
Valutazione integrata dell’impatto delle molluschicolture sull’ecosistema costiero del Golfo di Trieste 37
Valutazione dello stato attuale della risorsa Chamelea gallina e delle caratteristiche ambientali nelle aree oggetto di semina, ovvero nelle aree di Lignano, Marinetta, Sant’Andrea, Porto Buso Ovest, Porto Buso Est e Grado-Banco Mula di Muggia 36
Recent changes in the marine ecosystems of the northern Adriatic Sea 35
Response of Venice lagoon ecosystem to natural and anthropogenic pressures over the last 50 years 35
Monitoring and prediction of marine coastal environments: the OGS regional operational system for the Northern Adriatic Sea 34
Three-dimensional oligotrophic ecosystem models driven by physical forcing: the Mediterranean Sea case 33
Cumulative Impact Index for the Adriatic Sea: Accounting for interactions among climate and anthropogenic pressures 33
Changes in upwelling regimes in a Mediterranean-type lagoon: A model application 32
Ecological Impact, Economic Value and Sustainability of Mussel Farming in the Gulf of Trieste. 32
The Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry at mesoscale: lessons from the coupled MITgcm-BFM model simulation 32
CADEAU project - final report 31
The Starfish Mission: an Italian perspective 30
Challenges for ecological modelling in a changing world: Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management 30
How will climate change affect mercury biogeochemistry in the ocean? Projected changes for the Mediterranean Sea under RCP4. 5 and RCP8. 5 emission scenarios 29
Ecological and economic considerations on fishing and rearing of Tapes phillipinarum in the lagoon of Venice 29
Analysis of historical catch data for anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus, Linnaeus 1758) in Trieste. 29
Indexes for the assessment of bacterial pollution in bathing waters from point sources: The northern Adriatic Sea CADEAU service 29
Merging bio-optical data from Biogeochemical-Argo floats and models in marine biogeochemistry 29
Toward an ecosystem approach to fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea: Multi-gear/multi-species implications from an ecosystem model of the Greek Ionian Sea 29
Mesozooplankton in the open Black Sea: Regional and seasonal characteristics 29
Modelling the responses of the Lagoon of Venice ecosystem to variations in physical forcings 28
Spatial variability of phosphate and nitrate in the Mediterranean Sea: a modeling approach 28
Development of BFMCOUPLER (v1.0), the coupling scheme that links the MITgcm and BFM models for ocean biogeochemistry simulations 28
Bridging biogeochemical and food web models for an End-to-End representation of marine ecosystem dynamics: The Venice lagoon case study 28
A partition of the Venice Lagoon based on physical properties and analysis of general circulation 28
Current state, scales of variability and decadal trends of biogeochemical properties in the northern Adriatic sea 28
Effects of wind forcing and river runoff on the dynamics in the Gulf of Trieste: a numerical study with a pre-operational model 28
L'inesauribile disponibilità di plancton per la mitilicoltura del Golfo di Trieste / Plankton as inexhaustible resource for the mussel farms of the Gulf of Trieste 28
The effects of vertical mixing parameterization on 3-D models of a pelagic ecosystem 27
A comprehensive assessment of the mercury budget in the Marano-Grado Lagoon (Adriatic Sea) using a combined observational modeling approach 27
An a priori approach to assimilation of ecological data in marine ecosystem models 27
The impacts of climate change and environmental management policies on the trophic regimes in the Mediterranean Sea: Scenario analyses 27
Monitoring and modeling for investigating driver/pressure-state/impact relationships in coastal ecosystems: Examples from the Lagoon of Venice 27
Downscaling experiment for the Venice lagoon. II. Effects of changes in precipitation on biogeochemical properties 27
Description and evaluation of the Earth System Regional Climate Model (Reg CM-ES) 27
Il clima e i suoi cambiamenti 27
Reanalysis of biogeochemical properties in the Mediterranean Sea 27
A finite element ecological model: a first application to the Venice Lagoon 26
Direct and indirect impacts of marine acidification on the ecosystem services provided by coralligenous reefs and seagrass systems 26
Valutazione dell'impatto ecologico e della sostenibilità socio-ecologica della mitilicoltura nel nord Adriatico 26
Novel metrics based on Biogeochemical Argo data to improve the model uncertainty evaluation of the CMEMS Mediterranean marine ecosystem forecasts 26
Impact of Ocean Acidification on Ecosystem Functioning and Services in Habitat-Forming Species and Marine Ecosystems 26
A bioenergetic growth model for comparing Sparus aurata's feeding experiments 26
Anthropogenic, Direct Pressures on Coastal Wetlands 26
Exploring spatio-temporal changes in the demersal and benthopelagic assemblages of the north-western Ionian Sea (central Mediterranean Sea) 26
Yet another numerical model of the Adriatic Sea: strength and weakness. A critical discussion of the most recent results 26
The CADEAU directive-oriented downstream coastal service: integration of national water quality data and a model downscaling of the Mediterranean CMEMS 26
When Humanities Meet Ecology: Historic changes in Mediterranean and Black Sea marine biodiversity and ecosystems since the Roman period until nowadays. Languages, methodologies and perspectives 26
Assimilation of coastal and open sea biogeochemical data to improve phytoplankton simulation in the Mediterranean Sea 25
Modelling red coral (Corallium rubrum) growth in response to temperature and nutrition 25
Influence of large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns on nutrient dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea in the extended winter season (October-March) 1961-1999 25
Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report, Issue 4 25
Saw-tooth modulation of the deep-water thermohaline properties in the southern Adriatic Sea 25
Condizioni ambientali, ciclo vitale ed orologio endogeno nella dinamica del fitoplancton. Evidenze da osservazioni sperimentali nell'Adriatico nord occidentale (Environmental condition, life cycle and endogenous clocks in phytoplankton dynamics. Evidence from experimental observations in the NW Adriatic Sea) 25
Plankton response in post regime shift conditions: the Gulf of Trieste, North Adriatic Sea case study. 25
Dynamic and Ecological Role of Mussel Farms in a Mediterranean Coastal Area. 25
High-Resolution Reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea Biogeochemistry (1999-2019) 25
Coding early naturalists' accounts into long-term fish community changes in the adriatic sea (1800-2000) 24
Recent Trends Towards Oligotrophication of the Northern Adriatic: Evidence from Chlorophyll a Time Series 24
Ecological and economic effects of the landing obligation evaluated using a quantitative ecosystem approach: a Mediterranean case study 24
The Regional Earth System Model RegCM-ES: Evaluation of the Mediterranean Climate and Marine Biogeochemistry 24
An ensemble of models for identifying climate change scenarios in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia 24
Random Forest model and TRIX used in combination to assess and diagnose the trophic status of Bizerte Lagoon, southern Mediterranean 24
Analysis of hydrobiological pattern in the Bizerte lagoon (Tunisia) 24
Assessment of water quality status in the coastal area close to the lagoon of Venice 24
Microbial response to mussel farm biodeposition in coastal sediments of the northern Adriatic Sea. 24
The BIOPTIMOD Project: Integration Of Novel Satellite And In Situ Optical Observations In CMEMS Biogeochemical Models 24
The CADEAU directive-oriented downstream coastal service: integration of the Italian water quality dataset and a model downscaling of the Mediterranean CMEMS 24
Calcareous Bio-Concretions in the Northern Adriatic Sea: Habitat Types, Environmental Factors that Influence Habitat Distributions, and Predictive Modeling 23
Sensitivity analysis of an eutrophycation model for shallow water environments colonized by ULVA Rigida 23
Cross-scale connectivity of macrobenthic communities in a patchy network of habitats: The Mesophotic Biogenic Habitats of the Northern Adriatic Sea 23
Assessment of water quality status in the coastal area close to the Lagoon of Venice : first year of activity 23
Understanding ecosystem dynamics by using Self Organizing Map 23
Synthesizing plausible futures for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe and Central Asia using scenario archetypes 23
3D modeling of phytoplankton seasonal variation and nutrient budget in a southern Mediterranean Lagoon 23
Analysis of multitrophic plankton assemblages in the Lagoon of Venice 22
The continental shelf carbon pump in the northern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea): Influence of wintertime variability 22
Analysis of Long-Term Changes in a Mediterranean Marine Ecosystem Based on Fishery Landings 22
Long-term chanhes of the Northern Adriatic Sea ecosystem detected from landings data 22
Lagoon of Venice: Circulation, water exchange and ecosystem functioning 22
Lagoon of Venice ecosystem: Seasonal dynamics and environmental guidance with uncertainty analyses and error subspace data assimilation 22
Coupled Mediterranean ecomodel of the phosphorus and nitrogen cycles 22
Nitrogen and plankton dynamics in the lagoon of Venice 22
Thermal exchanges at air-water interfacies and reproduction of temperature vertical profiles in water columns 22
Impact of interannually variable diffuse attenuation coefficients for downwelling irradiance on biogeochemical modelling 21
A Three-Dimensional Eco-Hydrodynamical Model of the Mediterranean Sea 21
Fuzziness and Heterogeneity of Benthic Metacommunities in a Complex Transitional System 21
Totale 2.843
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