In the multidisciplinary study at the Panarea natural test site, where geological CO2 is leaking in the seawater from the sea floor, physical issues have been considered, with particular consideration for dynamics (Task 2.2.3 Physical monitoring at the Panarea test site) and integrated within the Work package 2.2 – Field observations (Sapienza to lead) –, to flank the chemical (Task 2.2.1) and biological measurements (Task 2.2.2). This report describes the technological characteristics of the Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers employed, the consequent limitations, the experimental strategy adopted for measuring the current close to CO2 emissions, the setup and mooring of two ADCP 600 kHz, in the contest of the overall logistics and field activities, during four seasonal campaigns, the methods used to process and validate current data and the quality of the data set obtained. During the first campaign the new TRDI-ADCP, purchased on RISCS project funds, did not work at all after deployment at station “NE1” on October 21st 2010. That malfunctioning was due to a bug in the latest firmware version. In this deliverable are reported: a preliminary analysis of current measurements, depth (calculated from pressure) and temperature signals at the sea floor; the methods adopted for validating current data. The basic statistics of entire records obtained in the four campaigns allow to discern a first characterization of the circulation regime around the emission. The single vertical profiles simultaneous to the CTD casts and bottle samplings, rendered in this report, need to sustain the interpretation of the overall results of WP 2.2 and to feed the planned modelling activities aimed at further helping in interpretation. For completing information about the RISCS PANAREA ADCP DATASET, the several file formats employed are described till and up the details.

Dataset Finale e Report.

Current Measurements Dataset OGS

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Dataset Finale e Report.
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