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 Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 1.696
EU - Europa 775
AS - Asia 550
AF - Africa 106
OC - Oceania 14
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 3.142
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1.691
IT - Italia 519
HK - Hong Kong 374
SG - Singapore 117
DE - Germania 107
SN - Senegal 104
FI - Finlandia 102
KR - Corea 53
ES - Italia 19
AU - Australia 11
GR - Grecia 6
CA - Canada 5
NO - Norvegia 5
RO - Romania 4
FR - Francia 3
JP - Giappone 3
NL - Olanda 3
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 3
GB - Regno Unito 2
ME - Montenegro 2
ZA - Sudafrica 2
EC - Ecuador 1
IL - Israele 1
IN - India 1
MC - Monaco 1
PT - Portogallo 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
Totale 3.142
Città #
Chandler 735
Hong Kong 356
Trieste 167
Gorizia 136
Boardman 113
Dakar 104
Helsinki 102
Ashburn 72
Acate 62
Seoul 50
Piscataway 35
Hanover 29
Central 15
Padova 13
San Cristóbal de La Laguna 13
Naples 11
Brisbane 9
Rome 9
Messina 8
Seattle 8
Athens 6
Gunzenhausen 6
Milan 6
New York 6
Singapore 6
Udine 6
Washington 6
Bergen 5
Bologna 5
Paternò 5
Vicenza 5
Bucharest 4
Castel Maggiore 4
La Maddalena 4
Sankt Augustin 4
Tuscaloosa 4
Bonndorf 3
Catania 3
Genoa 3
Stillwater 3
Thunder Bay 3
Vigasio 3
Ancona 2
Auckland 2
Budva 2
Council Bluffs 2
Dottingen 2
Fiumicino 2
Gelsenkirchen 2
Girona 2
Ladera Ranch 2
Los Angeles 2
Modena 2
Naaldwijk 2
Nelspruit 2
Oldenburg 2
Palermo 2
Pederobba 2
Pordenone 2
Ravenna 2
Rieti 2
Sacile 2
Scafati 2
Seodaemun-gu 2
Shatin 2
Treviso 2
Uhlingen-Birkendorf 2
Valmontone 2
Verona 2
Vinay 2
Zelo Buon Persico 2
Aveiro 1
Cambridge 1
Canepina 1
Catanzaro 1
Codroipo 1
Columbus 1
Cosenza 1
Dudley 1
Enschede 1
Faenza 1
Florence 1
Grumolo delle Abbadesse 1
Gwangju 1
Haifa 1
Hobart 1
Kochi 1
Livorno 1
London 1
Long Beach 1
Madrid 1
Mainz 1
Marcon 1
Melbourne 1
Miami 1
Monaco 1
Nottingham 1
Ogden 1
Palma 1
Palo Alto 1
Totale 2.234
Nome #
Seismic moment estimated from response spectra for small seismic events occurred in North-Eastern Italy 68
FAAS and Antelope: Two Automatic Eartquake Location Systems in the Northeastern Italy and Surrounding Areas 53
1D Ground motion simulations on soft soils including finite fault effects 51
An overview of the benthic habitat of the Bottaro crater hydrothermal vent system at Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Italy) 50
The sea snail Phorcus turbinatus (Von Born, 1778) as bioindicator of metals in hydrothermal vents: preliminary resultsls in hydrothermal vents: preliminary results 49
A contribute to Mediterranean marine environmental monitoring: the Italian Fixed-point Observatory Network (IFON) 47
Habitat effect on distribution and feeding of Ophidiaster ophidianus (Lmk.) (Asteroidea) 41
Monitoring and prediction of marine coastal environments: the OGS regional operational system for the Northern Adriatic Sea 37
The usage of Antelope for acquiring end exchanging data in the South-Eastern Alps: present configuration and future perspectives 36
Monitoring in real time the North East Italy seismicity: the OGS-CRS experience with the Antelope software suite 36
Source parameters of the weak seismicity occurred close to the Collalto gas storage (Northeastern Italy) 35
Toward a Mediterranean coupled model of the nitrogen cycle 34
Arctic Ocean Gas Hydrate Stability Versus Changing Climate 34
Assessing temporal dynamics of phytoplankton biomass in two different coastal areas: the Gulf of Trieste (North Adriatic) and the Bay of Sozopol (Western Black Sea), for the definition of good ecosystem status (GES). 34
Chasing evidence of recent tectonic activity in a foreland region: the South Apulia Fault System 33
Il Golfo di Trieste: sito di ricerche ecologiche a lungo termine (LTER) 30
Acquiring Seismic Data in the North-East of Italy: the OGS-CRS experience in using the Antelope software suite 30
The OGS experience in rapid determination of source parameters and ShakeMaps for NE Italy 29
Effects of wind forcing and river runoff on the dynamics in the Gulf of Trieste: a numerical study with a pre-operational model 29
Acquiring, archiving, analyzing and exchanging seismic data in real time at the Seismological Research Center of the OGS in Italy 28
Performances of Two Automatic Earthquake Location Systems in the Northeastern Italy 28
The pan-European infrastructure for ocean data management includes Vector meta-data 28
A multidisciplinary approach applied to a shallow hydrothermal field of the Panarea Volcanic Complex for a responsible management 28
Acquiring, archiving, analyzing and exchanging seismic data in real time at the Seismological Research Center of the OGS in Italy: an updated view 28
Ground motion variability and the modelling of the source of the 2011 MW 5.2 Lorca earthquake, SE Spain 28
Carbon geochemical variability in the Mediterranean ecosystem 27
A pilot Study on Posidonia oceanica features of a hydrothermal system off Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Italy) 27
UR 4.01 - S1-41 - Evaluation of local amplification effects: Some results from the Maiella area. 27
Shark as dangerous or fascinating animals: the social dimension of marine animals’ conservation. 27
The CADEAU directive-oriented downstream coastal service: integration of national water quality data and a model downscaling of the Mediterranean CMEMS 27
Studio integrato sismologico e geologico-strutturale dell’area abruzzese a SW del Massiccio della Maiella. 27
Evidence of a wide and active NW-trending fault system in the Apulia foreland (N-Ionian Sea) 27
Reconstructing past and present behaviours, occurrence, and seasonality of elasmobranch species through the recovery of local ecological knowledge. 27
"SeismoSAT" Project State of the Art: Connecting Seismic Data Centers via Satellite 26
Monitoraggio sismico temporaneo nell'area di Sulmona (Abruzzo, Italia): analisi della qualità delle localizzazioni degli eventi avvenuti nel periodo maggio-dicembre 2009. 26
Sea temperature and echinoid Arbacia lixula (L.) population fluctuations on Ustica Island MPA 26
The Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network - ASAIN Improving the instrumental coverage in Antarctica 26
The INBIS Channel System: a unique deep-sea sediment route in the NW Barents Sea (May 2017) 26
Histological evidences for mechanical and physical damages induced by microplastics in the intestine of European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758) 26
Motile fauna associated to Cystoseira brachycarpa var. balearica along a gradient of ocean acidification at a vent system off Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Italy). 26
High resolution integrated surveys for the studying of sedimentary structures in marine environments: “Il dosso di S.Croce” - Oceanographic surveys and GIS mapping. 26
The Central and East European Earthquake Research Network (CE3RN): current status and future perspectives 26
Adriatic selachians extinctions revisited. 26
Pacific water outflow through the Fram Strait during the VEINS project. 25
Probabilistic Magnitude of Completeness in Northeastern Italy: feedback of the OGS 30-years-old regional seismometric network 25
A new Kinematic Approach to Calculate Seismic Hazard Scenarios (Intensity and Peak Ground Displacement); an example in SE Sicily. 25
Microbial response to mussel farm biodeposition in coastal sediments of the northern Adriatic Sea. 25
The gas hydrate: potential future energy for Italy? 25
Understanding the public perception of sharks as a tool for their conservation. 24
Assessing the potential of Suez canal shipping traffic as an invasion pathway for non-indigenous species in central Mediterranean harbours 24
The 23 October 1904 M-S 5.4 Oslofjord Earthquake: Reanalysis Based on Macroseismic and Instrumental Data 24
RU DST-UNITS: Fast moment magnitude estimation and ShakeMaps computation in the Southeastern Alps 24
Strong motion estimates taking into account site effects in the city of Thessaloniki (Greece) from source modeling of the Kozani and Arnea 1995 events 24
The geomorphological map of the floodplain of the River Taro (Northern Apennines) as tool for flood hazards assessment 24
Distribution of European anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus, eggs and larvae in relation to environmental conditions in the south-western Adriatic Sea. 24
Focal Mechanism of a Catastropic Earthquake of the Last Rococo Period (1783) in Southern Italy Retrieved by Inverting Historical Information on Damage 23
Seismic event recognition in the Trentino area (Italy): performance analysis of a new semi-automatic system 23
Recent tectonic activity in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Italy 23
Ground motion attenuation and shaking maps generation in the Southern Alps area 23
Use of metagenetic analysis to monitor mesozooplankton biodiversity: the Adriatic sea as a case study. 23
Pre-salt fluids in the Mediterranean Basin 23
The Friuli Venezia Giulia Accelerometric Network – RAF 23
Colonizing new habitats and meeting new neighbors: trophic relationships between the expanding round sardinella and coexisting small pelagic fish in the NW Mediterranean Sea. 23
Representing phytoplankton optical variability in spectrally-resolved biogeochemical models 22
Hydrothermal iron ooids on Earth as homologues of hematite spherules discovered on Mars 22
New observed evidence of active faulting in an offshore foreland region: the South Apulia Fault System 22
Dissolved oxygen decrease in the deep waters of the Fram Strait: indication of reduced ventilation? 22
Modelling the finite source effects in ShakeMap through synthetic seismograms: tests on the 2009 M6.3 L'Aquila earthquake 22
Modelling phytoplankton productivity from photosynthesis-light curves and bio-optical properties of coastal waters. 22
Validation of climatological maps in the Adriatic Sea 22
Active deformation field from background microseismicity in a "silent" area of the Apennine seimogenic belt (Sulmona basin, central Italy): data and analyses. 22
Validation of a Kinematic Semi Empirical Approach to Calculate Seismic Hazard Scenarios 22
Preliminary Studies on the Aquatic and Riparian Flora and Vegetation of Lake Lingua, Salina Island, Aeolian Archipelago (Sicily, Italy) 21
Proprietà ottiche di fioriture algali nel Golfo di Trieste. 21
Valutazione istologica del fegato in spigole (Dicentrarchus labrax) esposte a microplastiche 21
Accelerometric network of Friuli Venezia Giulia (NE Italy) 21
Geophysical data valorisation and dissemination in the framework of the EMODnet Ingestion project. The OGS Experience. 21
Seasonal variability of pH and carbonate system in a coastal Mediterranean area. 21
Magnitudo di completezza e andamento del b-value nell'area del bacino di Sulmona (Appennino centrale): nuovi dati acquisiti da una rete sismica temporanea. 21
A biogeochemical modelling approach to nitrogen budget in the Mediterranean Sea 20
"PRESTo" Early Warning Algorithm at Central and Eastern European Earthquake Research Network: Lessons from Configuring an High Density Seismic Network 20
Variability of Pacific origin water in the North Atlantic. 20
Influenza della protezione sulla struttura dei popolamenti algali dell’AMP “Isola di Ustica”, un caso di studio. 20
Mw estimation for regional seismic events in the Friuli area (NE Italy) 20
The Earthquake of 23 october 1904 in the Oslo Fjord Area 20
Do parasites act as a natural control in regulating the non-native Mnemiopsis leidyi population from the northern Adriatic Sea. 20
ShakeMaps validation in the South-eastern Alps 20
Bio-optical approach to monitor phytoplankton biodiversity: preliminary results. 20
Source effect on the simulations of the strong ground motion of the 2011 Lorca earthquake 19
Insights on Elasmobranchs’ use of space: their migrations in the Adriatic Sea as study case. 19
Gas hydrate concentration estimated from P- and S-wave velocities 19
Seismic modelling study of Vostok lake, East Antarctica 19
Panarea's Scientific Gem: ECCSEL NatLab-Italy Fostering Multidisciplinary Research 18
Location Capability and Site Characterization Installing a Borehole VBB Seismometer: the OGS Experience in Ferrara (Italy) 18
The Sources of Destructive Earthquakes Retieved From Their Regional Intensity Patterns by a new Inversion Technique 18
The drill bit as a source of seismic vibrations: performance and seismic results 18
Oligocene and Miocene glacial erosion in Eastern Basin, Ross Sea, Antarctica 18
Creeping or not? Consequences on PSHA in Northern Italy. 18
Preliminary results for the forward modelling of the 2011 May 11 Lorca earthquake 18
Microplastiche in top predator: il caso del pescespada in Mediterraneo 17
Totale 2.621

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2021/2022181 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 141
2022/20231.695 105 21 27 236 174 286 15 159 375 126 152 19
2023/20241.295 51 132 15 199 172 127 126 342 72 59 0 0
Totale 3.171