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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A 3D seismic survey for groundwater protection 1-gen-2001 Rossi, G.; Dal Moro, G.; Mammo, T.; Nieto, D.; Picotti, S.; Vesnaver, A.; Vuan, A.
A machine learning approach to facies classification using well logs 1-gen-2017 Bestagini, P.; Lipari, V.; Tubaro, S.
Analysis of stationary condition for Virtual Reflection signals 1-gen-2009 Poletto, F.; Farina, B.; Corubolo, P.
Borehole Signals Obtained Using Surface Seismic Sources And Ground-force Sensors 1-gen-2011 Poletto, F.; Schleifer, A.; Zgauc, F.; Petronio, L.
Broadside wavefields in horizontal helically-wound optical fiber and hydrophone streamer 1-gen-2015 Poletto, F.; Finfer, D.; Corubolo, P.
Deep prior based seismic data interpolation via multi-res U-net 1-gen-2020 Kong, F.; Picetti, F.; Lipari, V.; Bestagini, P.; Tubaro, S.
Drill bit as a seismic source for near-well imaging 1-gen-2008 Poletto, F.; Miranda, F.; Corubolo, P.; Schleifer, A.
Drill-bit SWD and seismic interferometry for imaging around geothermal wells 1-gen-2011 Poletto, F.; Corubolo, P.; Farina, B.; Schleifer, A.; Pollard, J.; Peronio, M.; Bohm, G.
Equivariant imaging for self-supervised regularly undersampled seismic data interpolation 1-gen-2022 Xu, W.; Lipari, V.; Bestagini, P.; Chen, W.; Tubaro, S.
Estimation of gas-hydrate concentration and free-gas saturation from log and seismic data - Tinivella, U.; Carcione, J. M.
Estimation of pore pressure by AVO inversion 1-gen-2001 Tinivella, U; Carcione, J. M.; Helle, H. B.
Full 3D relocation of microseisms for reservoir monitoring 1-gen-2008 Vesnaver, A.; Lovisa, L.; Bohm, G.
Geophysical integrated approach to the study of an aquifer in a karstic area 1-gen-2002 Rossi, G.; Baradello, L.; Bolcato, S.; Bratus, A.; Picotti, S.; Wardell, N.
Merging macro- and micro-models for a broadband estimation of the Q factor 1-gen-2016 Vesnaver, A.; Lin, R.; Bohm, G.
Pressure estimation by using amplitude of SWD drill bit data 1-gen-2006 Poletto, F.; Pinna, G.; Miranda, F.
Processing and analysis of seismic-while drilling data acquired with wireless geophones and instrumented top drive in the desert environment 1-gen-2020 Bakulin, A.; Silvestrov, I.; Aldawood, A.; Hemyari, E.; Poletto, F.
Seismic virtual reflector - Synthesis and composition of virtual wavefields 1-gen-2008 Poletto, F.; Farina, B.
Seismic while drilling using a large-aperture ocean bottom array 1-gen-2019 Poletto, F.; Bellezza, C.; Corubolo, P.; Goertz, A.; Bergfjord, E. V.; Lindgard, J. E.
Sensitivity analysis of the petrophysical properties variations on the seismic response of a CO2 storage site 1-gen-2017 Santos, J. E.; Savioli, G. B.; Macias, L. A.; Carcione, J. M.; Gei, D.
Some practical issues related to migration in the angle domain 1-gen-2004 Lipari, V.; Andreoletti, C.; Bernasconi, G.; Bienati, N.; Cazzola, L.; Drufuca, G.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 21
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