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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
P and S automatic picks for 3D earthquake tomography in NE Italy 1-gen-2006 Lovisa, L; Bragato, Pl; Gentili, S
P and S phases automatic picking for local earthquakes 1-gen-2004 Gentili, S; Michelini, A
P and S reflection and P refraction: An integration for characterising shallow subsurface 1-gen-2010 Giustiniani, M; Tinivella, U; Accaino, F
P-S waves 3D velocity model of Los Humeros area from earthquake based travel-time tomography using CAT3D software (OGS). 1-gen-2020 Bohm, G; Barison, E; Poletto, F
P-SV multimode summation differential seismograms for layered structures: extension to high frequencies and oceanic structural models 1-gen-2006 Guidarelli, M.; M, Pilat; S., AND PANZA; G., F
P-wave seismic attenuation by slow-wave diffusion: Effects of inhomogeneous rock properties 1-gen-2006 Carcione, J M; Picotti, S
P-wave seismic attenuation by slow-wave diffusion: Numerical experiments in partially saturated rocks 1-gen-2007 Picotti, S; Carcione, J M; Rubino, J G; Santos, J E
P-wave velocity structure beneath the northern Antarctic Peninsula: evidence of a steeply subducting slab and a deep-rooted low-velocity anomaly beneath the central Bransfield basin 1-gen-2012 Park, Yongcheol; Kim, Kwang-Hee; Lee, Joohan; Yoo Hyun, Jae; Plasencia Linares, M
Pacific water outflow through the Fram Strait during the VEINS project. 1-gen-2000 Lipizer, M; Civitarese, G.; Guerra, B.; Luchetta, A.; Kattner, G.
Palaeo-Shoreline Configuration of the Adventure Plateau (Sicilian Channel) at the Last Glacial Maximum 1-gen-2022 Lodolo, E; Loreto, Mf; Melini, D; Spada, G; Civile, D
Palaeoclimatic changes in Kveithola, Svalbard, during the Late Pleistocene deglaciation and Holocene: Evidences from microfossil and sedimentary records 1-gen-2016 Carbonara, K; Mezgec, K; Varagona, G; Musco, M E; Lucchi, R; Villa, G; Morigi, C; Melis, R; Caffau, M
‘Palaeolago Fueguino’, a Late Pleistocene lacustrine basin located in the central sector of Tierra del Fuego: a seismostratigraphic study 1-gen-2021 Lozano, Jg; Bran, Dm; Donda, F; Lodolo, E; Esteban, Fd; Tassone, A
Paleoceanographic changes in the NW Pacific Ocean over the last 450 ka: evidences from statistical analysis on calcareous nannofossil assemblages 1-gen-2013 Bordiga, M; Cobianchi, M; Lupi, C
Paleochannel and beach-bar palimpsest topography as initial substrate for coralligenous buildups offshore Venice, Italy 1-gen-2017 Tosi, L; Zecchin, M; Franchi, F; Bergamasco, A; Da Lio, C; Baradello, L; Mazzoli, C; Montagna, P; Taviani, M; Tagliapietra, D; Carol, E; Franceschini, G; Giovanardi, O; Donnici, S
Paleolatitudinal gradients in marine phytoplankton composition and cell size 1-gen-2014 Henderiks, J; Bordiga, M; Bartol, M; Šupraha, L
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism from sediments along a continental shelf-to-slope transect in the NW Barents Sea: Implications for geomagnetic and depositional changes during the past 15 thousand years 1-gen-2018 Caricchi, C; Lucchi, Rg; Sagnotti, L; Macrì, P; Morigi, C; Melis, R; Caffau, M; Rebesco, M; Hanebuth, Tjj
Paleoseismological evidence for historical ruptures along the Meduno Thrust (eastern Southern Alps, NE Italy) 1-gen-2021 Poli, M. E.; Falcucci, E.; Gori, S.; Monegato, G.; Zanferrari, A.; Affatato, A.; Baradello, L.; Bohm, G.; Dal Bo, I.; Del Pin, E.; Forte, E.; Grimaz, S.; Marchesini, A.
PALEOSTRIPv1.0 – a user-friendly 3D backtracking software to reconstruct paleo-bathymetries 1-gen-2021 Colleoni, F; De Santis, L; Pochini, E; Forlin, E; Geletti, R; Brancatelli, G; Tesauro, M; Busetti, M; Braitenberg, C
The Pantelleria graben (Sicily Channel, Central Mediterranean): An example of intraplate ‘passive’ rift 1-gen-2010 Civile, D; Lodolo, E; Accettella, D; Geletti, R; Ben-Avraham, Z; Deponte, M; Facchin, L; Ramella, R; Romeo, R
The Pantelleria Graben (Sicily Channel, central Mediterranean): results from the R/V OGS Explora survey 2009 1-gen-2009 Civile, D; Lodolo, E; Accettella, D; Deponte, M; Facchin, L; Geletti, R; Marchi, M; Ramella, R; Romeo, R
Mostrati risultati da 2.973 a 2.992 di 4.816
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