Bohm, Gualtiero
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Continente #
NA - Nord America 1.888
EU - Europa 913
AS - Asia 613
AF - Africa 149
SA - Sud America 3
Totale 3.566
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1.887
IT - Italia 623
HK - Hong Kong 366
SN - Senegal 148
SG - Singapore 132
DE - Germania 126
FI - Finlandia 109
KR - Corea 98
HU - Ungheria 29
CN - Cina 7
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 4
NL - Olanda 4
NO - Norvegia 4
RU - Federazione Russa 4
TR - Turchia 4
GB - Regno Unito 3
BE - Belgio 2
CL - Cile 2
ES - Italia 2
FR - Francia 2
GR - Grecia 2
BR - Brasile 1
CA - Canada 1
CH - Svizzera 1
DK - Danimarca 1
GH - Ghana 1
IR - Iran 1
JP - Giappone 1
RO - Romania 1
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Chandler 761
Hong Kong 358
Trieste 267
Dakar 148
Gorizia 137
Helsinki 109
Boardman 103
Seoul 97
Piscataway 65
Ashburn 48
Budapest 29
New York 27
Acate 25
Hanover 22
Vigasio 18
Milan 16
Gelsenkirchen 13
Gunzenhausen 13
Treviso 13
Singapore 11
Bologna 10
Bonndorf 9
Los Angeles 9
Castel Maggiore 8
Udine 6
Abu Dhabi 4
Azzano Decimo 4
Central 4
Columbus 4
Genoa 4
Istanbul 4
Latisana 4
Pasian di Prato 4
Gatchina 3
Gradisca d'Isonzo 3
Pordenone 3
Seattle 3
Venice 3
Avola 2
Bagnolo San Vito 2
Bardolino 2
Berlin 2
Blackburn 2
Liège 2
Lovere 2
Misano Adriatico 2
Naples 2
Ogden 2
Owego 2
Pisa 2
Ponte San Pietro 2
Pradamano 2
Pátrai 2
Quilicura 2
Ravenna 2
Rome 2
Ronchi dei Legionari 2
San Giorgio della Richinvelda 2
Sassocorvaro 2
Stavanger 2
Stony Brook 2
Uboldo 2
Uhlingen-Birkendorf 2
Vicenza 2
Vivaro 2
Washington 2
Accra 1
Ancona 1
Bergen 1
Busanjin-gu 1
Camponogara 1
Canton 1
Cassino 1
Cavallino-Treporti 1
Civitavecchia 1
Codroipo 1
DeKalb 1
Denver 1
Dottingen 1
Ferrara 1
Frankfurt am Main 1
Houston 1
Hovedgård 1
Huizen 1
Istrana 1
Ludlow 1
Massa 1
Metz 1
Monfalcone 1
Montegrotto Terme 1
Nizhniy Novgorod 1
Palazzo Canavese 1
Roveredo in Piano 1
Salzano 1
San Vito al Tagliamento 1
Sant Boi de Llobregat 1
Saponara Marittima 1
Selby 1
Sequals 1
Siena 1
Totale 2.459
Nome #
Indagini sismiche a riflessione ad alta risoluzione e analisi tomografica di approfondimento per la caratterizzazione geofisica del centro storico di Arquata del Tronto (AP) 65
Focus on glaciers: a geo-photo exposition of vanishing beauty 53
1-D and 2-D constraints on stacking velocity picking. 49
Cat3d - Computer Aided Tomography for 3-D models 47
3D velocity-depth model from multichannel seismic in the Dinaric foredeep of the Gulf of Trieste (Adriatic Sea), at the NE edge of Adria plate 45
International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 374 Scientists; Early and middle Miocene ice sheet dynamics in the Ross Sea: Results from integrated core-log-seismic interpretation 44
Approfondimenti geofisici per la caratterizzazione del sottosuolo in aree ricadenti nei Fogli CARG n. 185 “Ferrara” e n. 184 “Mirandola”: indagini simiche in superficie e in pozzo nel sito di Dogaro (MO) e di Diamantina (FE) 40
Earthquake tomography integrated with gravity data: an application from NE-Italy. 39
1° Leg - Progetto 2002/3.8 WISE, Progetto 2002/4.5 e Progetto 2004/4.11 MOGAM 36
Time-lapse tomography 34
Modellazione geofisica-geologica tridimensionale del sottosuolo dell'Abitato di Costalta in comune di SanPietro di Cadore (BL) 34
Angular coverage compensation in transmission tomography 33
Co2 Monitor: Sviluppo di tecniche innovative per il monitoraggio dei Siti di stoccaggio dell' anidride carbonica 32
2006. XXI Spedizione PNRA 2005-2006, Campagna Antarctica n/r O.G.S. Explora 32
Is geotomography doomed? 32
New geophysical evidence from Edisto Inlet fjord, Cape Hallett (Ross Sea, Antarctica). 31
Free gas and hydrate concentrations from reflection tomography and theoretical approch 30
3-D adaptive tomography by Voronoi polygons 30
Some reliability principle for seismic tomography 29
Physical criteria for adaptive sesmic tomography 29
Geotechnical Characterisation of Shallow Sediments in an Alluvial Plain From Integration Of Surface and Refracted Waves. 29
3D Geophysical imaging of the vajont landslide and of its surroundings 29
One Million Years of Climatic Generated Landslide Events on the Northwestern Barents Sea Continental Margin 29
3-D reflection tomography and imaging of real seismic data 29
Misure di velocità P ed SH in pozzo nell’alta pianura friulana 29
Integrated refraction seismics and tomographic study of a gravitational collapse phenomenon 28
Tomographic depth seismic velocity model below the plain of Norcia (Italy) for site effect studies 28
3D integrated tomography 28
CO2 MONITOR: Sviluppo di tecniche innovative per il monitoraggio di siti di stoccaggio dell'anidride carbonica 28
3D adaptive tomography by the Fresnel criterion 27
A field assessment of site-specific correlations between hydraulic and geophysical parameters 27
Integrated 3D inversion of seismic and gravimetric data on a real case 27
Characterisation of shallow sediments in an urban area from inversion of P,Sv and Sh arrivals 27
Capitolo 4 – Campagna oceanografica geofisica a bordo della N/R OGS Explora – 1° Leg – Progetto 2002/3.8 WISE, Progetto 2002/4.5 e Progetto 2002/4.11 MOGAM 27
Reflection traveltime tomography: A 2d case study from gulf of Izmir (Turkey) 26
Resolution constraints and model compression for 3D adaptive tomography 26
Anisotropy estimate from vertical (VSV) and horizontal (VSH) components of S-wave velocity using ray-based tomography 26
Seismic interferometry by tangent-phase correction 26
The Whales Deep Basin -Houtz and Hayes Bank system: Pleistocene slope processes and evolution model of the continental outer shelf and slope in the Southeastern Ross Sea (Antarctica). 26
Crustal tomography of South-Eastern Alps 25
Constrained picking of velocity spectra in two dimensions 24
Depth imaging and velocity calibration by 3D adaptive tomography 24
Characterisation of shallow sediments by processing of P, SH and SV wavefields in Kaštela (HR) 24
3D adaptive tomography by delaunay triangles and Voronoi polygons 24
Full 3D relocation of microseisms for reservoir monitoring 24
SWD tomography by radial staggered grids at the geothermal well 24
Seismic and electromagnetic tomography to image the CO2 plume in a cross-well synthetic experiment 24
Geophysical investigations in a dismissed industrial site: Ex-Esso (Trieste, Italy) 24
Velocity and attenuation 3D tomography for gas-hydrates studies: the NW offshore Svalbard case 24
XXI Spedizione PNRA 2005-2006, Campagna Antartica n/r OGS Explora. Relazione OGS 2006/112 RIMA 13. 24
Caratterizzazione geofisica del centro storico di Arquata del Tronto (AP): elaborazione dei profili sismici a riflessione onde P e S e tomografia sismica primi arrivi onde P e S 24
Seismic events in the upper Miocene - Pliocene sedimentary succession in the Gulf of Izmir (Western Anatolia): implications for hydrocarbon prospectively 23
Monitoring CO2 injection with passive and active seismic surveys: Case study from the Hellisheiði geothermal field, Iceland. 23
Aperture compensation tomography. 23
Broadband visco-acoustic Q factor imaging by seismic tomography and instantaneous frequency. 23
3-D irregular grids’optimization for the tomographic inversion of the ocean sound speed. 23
3D adaptive tomography and imaging of the Vienna Basin 23
Trough-Mouth fan development and submarine landslides on the north-western Barents Sea continental margin: the history of the last million year from high resolution multichannel seismic reflection profiles 23
Estimation of Anisotropy Parameters in VTI Media using the Ray-Based Tomography. 23
3-D Tomographic inversion of reflected and refracted arrivals for sea floor imaging 23
P-S waves 3D velocity model of Los Humeros area from earthquake based travel-time tomography using CAT3D software (OGS). 23
Relying on a grid 23
One, none, hundred thousand tomographic images. 22
Cenozoic tectonic evolution and neotectonic analysis on geophysical data at the northeastern edge of Adria-Europe continental margin, Gulf of Trieste (NE Adriatic Sea) 22
A 3D seismic survay applied to the study of an aquifer 22
A geostatistical framework for incorporating seismic tomography auxiliary data into hydraulic conductivity estimation. 22
Antarctic glaciations’ analysis by reflection and refraction tomography 22
Joint 3D inversion of SWD and surface seismic data 22
The use of 4D seismic for ocean acoustic tomography. 22
“Focus on glaciers”: an exposition of geo-photos to attract interest on a vanishing beauty 22
Bedrock Detection from an Integrated Procedure of Refraction Analysis and Tomographic Inversion of the First Arrivals 22
Antarctic glaciations' by reflection and refraction tomography 22
Subtask 1.2: Additional reflection analysis and geological interpretation from cross-hole tests in the ON-Mol-2 well 22
Processing and interpretation of seismic reflection data from the Los Humeros super-hot geothermal system 22
Paleoseismological evidence for historical ruptures along the Meduno Thrust (eastern Southern Alps, NE Italy) 21
Tomographic inversion of velocity anomalies using apriori information 21
Tomographic inversion of ocean bottom seismograph (OBS) data: Problems and solutions applied to the NW Svalbard Hydratech data set 21
Seismic tomography applied to complex, faulted formation. 21
Merging macro- and micro-models for a broadband estimation of the Q factor 21
Tomographic Inversion of OBS Data Offshore Svalbard Islands 21
Characterization of a Coastal Area From Integration of Resistivity and Active Multicomponent Seismic Data 21
3-D reflection tomography by adaptive irregular grids 21
The impact of 3D adaptive tomography on direct and reverse VSP 21
Broadband Q-Factor Imaging for Geofluid Detection in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea) 21
Joint 3D processing of active and passive seismic data 21
Draft report. Subtask 1.2: Additional reflection analysis and geological interpretation from cross-hole tests in the ON-Mol-2 well 20
Tomographic joint inversion of first arrivals in a real case from Saudi Arabia 20
Sea-floor reconstruction by 3-D reflection tomography 20
Evidences of seismic flysch outline in the Gulf of Trieste 20
Tomographic imaging by reflected and refracted arrivals at the North Sea 20
3D Turning ray tomography in a real case 19
Petro-physical Characterization of the Shallow Sediments in a Coastal Area in NE Italy from the Integration of Active Seismic and Resistivity Data 19
Seismic velocity characterisation and survey design to assess co2 injection performance at kızıldere geothermal field 19
Analysis of Antarctic glaciations by seismic reflection and refraction tomography 19
Seismic investigation and 3D tomography in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) for Western Ice Sheet evolution studies 19
Pure versus converted waves in 3D elastic tomography 19
Near-surface geophysical investigation for characterization of a volcanic geothermal reservoir by active-seismic-data tomography and attenuation 19
Active and passive integration by 3D tomography 19
Time-lapse Q-factor tomography by reflected waves’ inversion 19
Tomographic inversion of seismic reflection arrivals aquired at the Ross Sea (Antarctica). 19
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